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Almost every home in the UK is suitable for Solar PV panels – you just need some un-shaded roof space – our engineers will asses your house for free, and provide you with a tailored proposal for maximising your use of the suns energy to reduce your electricity bills.

Where will the Solar PV panels be installed on my home?


A south-facing roof will receive the most sunlight – the perfect home for solar has a roof orientated somewhere between South West and South East, with a 30 degree slope and no shading.  Homes that have an east-west split will produce roughly 85% of the energy that a south facing roof will.


Our solar engineers will assess your home, then choose the most productive panels and panel layout, so you your roof space is used to its full potential.


Am I in a suitable location for Solar PV on my home?

Solar energy does vary across the UK – but it not by much. Shade is the enemy of solar panels, so you need to watch out for:

  • trees
  • buildings
  • other obstructions

If there’s no light getting to the panels, there’s no electricity!

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